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Concept creation & Video Production

Innovating the way of showcasing products

How does a company showcase their products in an innovative way, that allows the user to partake in the experience?

For IFH Messe 2022 Germany, we designed an app for Hoval, a company with a strong mission: responsibility for energy and the environment. 

The app allows the visitors of the fair experience and learn more about the company and its products through touch screens. 

Managing the project all the way through ideation to production, with a fun and innovative concept we created music albums style. Each album with its playlist of "songs", composed by a video that tells you all about the product. 

5 large screens and 10 iPads were placed in the stand. For the 4 days of the fair, there was a large increase in visitors, as well as great response and support for Hoval's team. 

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