What do I do? Un poquito de todo.

On a constant play with strategy and design, finding ways to communicate creatively while staying relevant.


I am too on constant evolution, well thats the only way to innovate, right?




A little bit about myself

(let’s go straight to the “fun” facts, everything else is on my CV of course)

I am a proud born and raised Colombian. However, I like to consider myself a citizen of the world.

Let’s say I am a multidisciplinary creative,

I believe ascribing yourself to a label can become somewhat limiting. I combine my studies in fine arts, design, and innovation, to find creative and relevant ways to communicate. (Because, let’s be honest, everything narrows down to communication. As the exchange of information, I would say it is extremely important!) 

I discovered a new passion! 

Two years ago, the only marathon I would be a part of involved Netflix. What I love the most of CrossFit is that it allows me to prove to myself I am more capable than I thought and that limitations only exist in us.

You can definitely recognize me for my laughter, it’s not the prettiest, but you can hear it from afar. I am normally that person that is laughing for no reason (don’t get fooled by my serious face when I’m concentrated)

I love everything related to food; cooking, eating, books, designs, taking pictures of it…you get the picture. When I am stressed or having a bad day, I will most likely be at the kitchen, cooking is my yoga.


Don’t be a stranger, lets talk!

Whether you want to work with me, learn more about what I do, talk about Colombia, food, Crossfit, or start a post-it addict club, don't hesitate on getting in touch! 
Shoot me an email at marianajordangartner@gmail.com
or call me at +34 642386061.


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